Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cielito Lindo

Canta y No Llores
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Our pal, Melody, sends us this photo from Florida. She says, "Canta y no llores."

We say, "Ay-yai-yai-yai."

Sunday, June 19, 2005

An Idea We Like, Too

To our surprise and delight, that dancing politician, David Aitken, mentions us here.

Nice blog, by the way. At least one Geezer reads David's libertarian blog, Life's Better Ideas, often. Like all good blogs, it's information- and link-filled, and defiantly idiosyncratic.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dave Firestine

I'm not being very good about getting pictures up on this blog, so I'm just going to do a posting orgy. Here's a picture of fine, Arizona mandolin player, Dave Firestine, at a jam at Jeff's house in mid-June. We were all delighted he came. Click on the entry title to see his site.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Chuck Roth

Chuck Roth
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Here's Chuck Roth, our caller for the June 11, Boulder dance.

We first played a dance for Chuck a few years ago, when he came up from Austin to call one of the outdoor dances, by the Tea House.

He's come up yearly, ever since, and we've played for him each time. We keep hoping he'll invite us to Austin, so we can play for him there, too.

Chuck's sweetie, Kay

Chuck's sweetie, Kay
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Here's Kay, from Austin. She and Chuck Roth come as matched set.

Susan Johnson puts up with having her picture taken, again.

Susan Johnson puts up with having her picture taken
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Susan--Joel's sweetie--is "the other Dr. Johnson."

Not only is she gracious and patient, we suspect she looks far better in yellow than Samuel ever did.

Susan is a nutrition professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the C.U. Med school, so she gets a lot of media attention. She looks like she's thinking, "Yet another photo op. Yawn."

Deborah Knox

Deborah Knox
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Deborah Knox, looking her elegant self,
at last-night's Boulder dance.

Heidi Freiburger joins us, on feet.

Heidi Freiburger joins us, on feet.
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Our sometime percussionist, Heidi Freiburger. We met Heidi a year or so ago, when she showed up at a dance, right after she moved here from Iowa.

You'll often see Heidi and her stepatune on stage, at Geezers' gigs, helping Ron lock us into the beat.

Her daughter Zali will be the one sound asleep, in between the monitor speakers.

Richard Lungstrom smiles.

Richard Lungstrom smiles.
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Richard, at the jam after the dance.
He later remarks that if anyone else sees this, they'll discover he knows how to smile.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Joel's bringing Geezers CDs to the dance!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Ruby with Eyes that Sparkle

While our sound man was setting up the equipment for the second night of a recent, dance double header in Louisville, KY, Jeff and one of the local dancers walked down to the corner to grab a quick cup of coffee.

"I think that CD of yours is real nice," the local said.

"You have one?" Jeff asked, surprised.

"Oh yes," he said. "I bought one last night."

"And you already listened to it?"

"I listened to it all day in the car. And I really like that 'Pig's Foot' tune. But you know, I'm pretty sure it has words. When we were growing up, it was called 'Ruby with Eyes that Sparkle.' Of course,
we sang it as 'Jeannie with Eyes that Sparkle' because my sister's name was Jeannie. My uncle, who was a fiddler, used to play it."

"Was your uncle a well-known fiddler?"

"Oh yes. Pretty well known. At least around those parts. That was before World War II, and the roads weren't very good, so there wasn't much contact outside your own valley."

You can't buy information that interesting.

(You can, however, buy our CD.)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Late-night jam this Saturday night, too.

Guitar wizard and Swedish dance maven Richard Lungstrom just phoned from Lawrence to say he's driving out to come to the Saturday dance.

Sounds like this means a jam at Jeff's house afterwards. Jeff wonders, briefly, whether he has enough home-made beer and wine for the occasion, and decides he does.

Boulder Dance, this Saturday

Head on over to the Boulder contradance this Saturday night to hear the Geezers play! Chuck Roth, from Austin, will be calling.

If you play, and you're in Boulder on Friday night, a bunch of folks, including Jeff, will be jamming in front of the courthouse, on the Pearl Street Mall, at 7:00 PM.

A bunch of us are meeting for dinner at Falafel King, across from the courthouse, at 6:30. tag "grouchygeezers" is a popular social-bookmarking tool.

When you register at (it's all free), you can bookmark and tag pages, and they keep track of your tags for you.

What makes it social? You can see everyone else's tags, too.

For example, I've bookmarked a bunch of pages with the tag grouchygeezers. Not only can you see a list of the pages I've tagged, but if you see a geezers page and tag it grouchygeezers, then whenever anyone asks for a list of all grouchygeezers pages, they get the ones we both tagged.

If you're starting to ask, "So, what if ...?" go over to and look around.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Pike's Peak Traditional Dance Website is Up

Adele Beard sent us a link to the new PPTD page!

We've played there many times, and their dance community seems to be slowly growing. (We like to pretend that's cause and effect.)

Adele says four new volunteers appeared at the last board meeting.

Unfortunately their site's been down for a while, and all the links to it, scattered around the web, lead to dead ends. We're pleased to be able to put a link to the new site over on the side, in the growing list of dance sites who've invited us to play.