Sunday, July 31, 2005

Errol & Kim

Errol and Kim showing us that dancers can be dippy.

Kim does house healings. If you need your house healed, come to a dance and talk to her.

Eric Curl

Our caller, at the last Fort Collins dance, Eric Curl, wondering how he got in this mess.

Karen and Michael

Cute couple, huh?

Ned and Lynne

Lynne used the potluck before the dance to try out a chicken satay recipe she's thinking of using for the next Harvest Moon Festival, where she's going to be head cook.

Ned thinks it's pretty good. So did we.

text text

Rhonda, Paul, and Erica

Here we have Rhonda, Paul, and Erica.

Rhonda just moved here, and is the new program director for Swallow Hill. She's going to be working on the nights that CFOOTMAD holds dances, so she'd decided to organize dances of her own on other nights, so she can go. First one's going to be October 30. Sounds like a costume party to us. Call Swallow Hill and ask her for more information.

We first met Paul four years ago, when he came here for a few weeks for work. Paul lives in Norwich (pronounced "Norridge"), in Norfolk, England, which is, of course, in the southeast. He says he does dance there, but mostly English and Scottish Country dance. The second time he came, he brought his sweetie, Helen. This time she snubbed us and stayed home. We figure, if Rhonda and Erica can make her jealous enough, we can lure her across the pond again.

Erica is a cannoneer. She hangs out with folks like Norman Hughes, and does Civil War reenactments. Since cannoneers don't grow on trees, she also gets invited to do things like the 1812 Overture. If you need your cannon fired, talk to her.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Geezers Gig in Ft. Collins

A local dancer just asked me if there's a calendar of our gigs. Sure! Look over on the right of the blog for "Geezers Gigs." Tonight, we're playing in Ft. Collins. Want to know where? Look over on the right for "Locations We've Played."

Their calendar says there's going to be a potluck beforehand. Bring up something yummy. We will.

Web Progress

We'll call your attention to a few upgrades to our site(s) lately:

There's now audiolinks here on Three-Legged Stool. Click on its subtitle, "Grouchy? Just listen ..." in the upper-right-hand corner of the blog, and you'll hear us. Blogger also lets you put an audiolink in the profile, so there's one, too. Thanks to Kevin Cohen, whom you've seen playing bass with the Geezers from time to time, for making us the MP3.

There's a link counter. Hugh Hewitt says it's not a blog unless there's a link counter.

And there's been progress on our home page, thanks to the Geezers' web host Jeremy Hinegardner. Keep checking back there and you'll see it as he polishes it up into the gem of the vast Geezers electronic empire.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Cincinnati, Ohio

When we were in Cincinnati, Ohio, earlier this year, we were invited to a May-Day celebration -- complete with maypole -- at Turner Farm, where we got to play with some fine local musicians. One of them, Ed Strelau, just sent us these photos of the jam.

[first photo, (L to R)] Maury Mountain, Beverly Strelau, Jeff Custis, Warren Waldron, & Whitt Meade.

[second photo] Geezer Jeff, Dee Childs, Doug Mast, Tim Jamison, & Gary Roerig.

At one point, Ed picked a tune and then said he'd learned it from Colorado fiddlers Charley Martin and Vicky Bunsen. "Do you know them?" Well, certainly.

To whet Cinci's appetite for more tunes from our neck of the woods, we trotted out a couple we'd learned from Scott Mathis, and pointed Ed at a place he could buy Bayou Seco albums.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Liz Lundeen

Later in the evening, the Geezers re-converged at Liz Lundeen's family reunion. This year, she and her sisters decided it'd be fun to have a contra dance, so she asked Pat Tognoni to call, and we provided most of the music. It was too hot to do as much dancing as they'd have liked, but we threw in some waltzes and swing tunes, and Pat taught one dance that they did sitting down.

Here's one of her sisters with Liz. Her sister dances in Juno, Alaska.

One of Liz's friends, Fab, is also a musician. After Ron helped him fix a bass that was lying around ("first, go find a pair of hammers ..."), he joined us, reading charts over Ron's shoulder. Before he left, we made him play mandolin, too. Here's Fab, showing why we play music.

Richard Jones and Starry Nights Coffee House

After the picnic, Jeff, Ron, and Carol wandered up to Ft. Collins.

Ron's lived in Ft. Collins for many years, where he and Eric Levine played dances until their arms fell off.

Jeff and Ron were talking about some of the folks who'd been around back then, and Richard Jones's name came up. Ron called him, and told him to duct-tape his kids and come have coffee with us. Richard brought his fiddle along; he and Ron both have Geary Baese fiddles, and so there was a lot of instrument discussion, but finally they got tired of it and Richard, Ron, and Jeff played some music. They didn't kick us out. These days, Richard's playing with Hot Club Catz.

Sandstone Historical Park Old-Timey Days

Saturday afternoon, we played for an "Olde Tyme Family Picnic Celebration," at Longmont's Sandstone Ranch Historical Park. The ranch is a restored, late-18th-century farm. Volunteers dressed up in period clothes, passed out lemonade, and encouraged folks to tour the newly restored barn, complete with its life-sized, plastic cow.

Mike Moorman came along, to keep us company, and make us sound better. The building off in the background is the ranch's restored ice house. You can hear both "Ice House" and "Mike Moorman's Reel" on the Geezer's CD.

There were plenty of folks there lounging and having picnics. Some had never heard us before, and others who had, but came anyway. On the left is a local schoolteacher, who came with her son and some friends. We encouraged them to come to the dances. On the far right is Mike's girlfriend, Betty Becker, who's one of the first fiddlers Jeff ever played with in Colorado.

The Barn

Mid-way through the event, our hostess, Deb, presented a plaque to the organization that restored the barn.

You can see the barn in the distance, but here's a closer view, and a picture of the inside.

Jeff's pleased with himself because Ron's just taught him how to milk the cow.

The Ice House

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Christine Smock

Sculptress and mandolin artiste Christine Smock brings a watermelon to Jeff's jam. Goes well with her skirt, dont you think?

Sunday, July 10, 2005


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Ruth Alpert, clogger with the "Fast Peso String Band" in Santa Fe, sent us a note saying one of her good friends' sisters had gone to a contra in Colorado and gotten hooked.

Penny's also a Celtic harp player, but she's hasn't started coming to the jams. Maybe she's worried that it will be just as addictive.

The first one's free, Penny. :-)


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John is a much better flute player than dancer. In the dance line, he's not even always headed in the right direction.

Perhaps the fact that John's blind is responsible for the discrepancy.

"A blind contra dancer?" Well, yes. Going down a contra line blind would scare me to death. Not John.

Other dancers give him rides to the dances, and there are always plenty of women who want him for a partner.

Ask John about his chickens.

Julia Hammid

Julia Hammid
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Julia's out visiting from Baltimore.

She came out to visit her daughter, and stopped by the dance because she heard that we dance here in Colorado, too.

Turns out, we also take pictures and blog.

Julia says we should come out and play in Maryland. Jeff says he got run over in Baltimore so he's eager to go again; getting run over, like getting tattoos, is sort of addictive. Besides, the folks on staff at Johns Hopkins need dance bands, too.

Jeff's Rock and Roll Cafe

Pam Brown found this cup at the Salvation Army, brought it to the dance, and gave it to Jeff.

Pam, who coordinates the refreshments, is everywhere at the CFOOTMAD dances, so most dancers know who she is. What most of them don't know is that Pam is also the finest banjo player you can imagine. When she was taking first at Topanga Canyon Fiddle and Banjo Contests, her contemporaries/competitors were Taj Mahal and David Lindley. If you can find a banjo, sit down with her and ask her to show you what it's really about.

Rick Smith

Rick Smith, our caller last night, lets us try stuff. The easiest way not to make any mistakes is never to try anything. Last night, he asked us to try a rolling start, a la Wild Asparagus. He explained how to do it, how he'd cue it, and what it should sound like.

We blew it completely. Rick just smiled and got the dancers to the right place in the music anyway.

Doing it wrong is the first step towards doing it right. My guess is that it'll take us three more times.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Never Mind

As Emily Latella would say, "Never Mind."

The Geezers are playing a dance, tomorrow night, at Community Montessori (formerly New Vista High School), at 8:00 (lessons at 7:15). It costs money.

The information in the CFOOTMAD newsletter and on the CFOOTMAD website are also wrong.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Free Geezers!

This Saturday, we play an outdoor dance, next to the Boulder Teahouse.
7:00, free.

Tell 'em you're a guest of the band and you can get in for half that.