Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pat, Wes, and Bob

We got to play for Bob Riggs at the last Westminster Grange dance. Bob is a mainstream square-dance caller who's brave enough to call with live bands from time to time. Mainstream callers used to call to 45RPM records, but record players are few and far between these days. Bob says he now has 400 square-dance tunes on his laptop, which he brings to gigs.

"But when you finish the dance," says Bob, "it's hard to say to the dancers, 'Let's have a big hand for the computer.'"

Pat is a triple threat: She dances with the Hoofin' High Country Cloggers, is teaching calling, on-staff, at the Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, and plays with a variety of local bands. She'll be calling on Saturday night at the upcoming Harvest Moon Festival, and playing and dancing the rest of the time. If you've never been to a Moon Fest, come join her. Tell her you read about her here.

If you have been before, come and tell her anyway.

Pat lives up in Greeley. Her son, Wes, is living down here, now, so she came down and brought him to the dance.


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