Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tres Quarts de Quinze

Every Sunday, in front of Barcelona's main cathedral, giant crowds gather to do the Catalan national dance, the Sardana.

In between Sardanas, performance groups demonstrate the other Catalan pastime: human pyramids.

The pyramids are also done to music. Last Sunday, Jeff and Lyn had a chance to talk to the wonderful pyramid band while they were on break. Here's a picture. Lyn's on the right.

They didn't have a CD or tapes, but Anna Latorre (the smiling pipe-and-tabor player next to Lyn), gave us a card for another band she's in, Tres Quarts de Quinze.

For folks interested in the music, Anna sends us the following info:

ok, some friends of mine had made a web with a lot of music sheet for gralla (the kind of oboe you saw) They have a lote of tradicional music and some music write modernly for those instruments.

Everything is classificate depending of the kind of music, i mean , for parades, for procesion, religios, concert... Everything is in Catalan, but i thing you will find out. here you can foud songs, in midi files.

I atach you some songs we sing during the "caramelles", a eastern celebration and here you can found pictures and videos from the last eastern. I'm there playing the flabiol (tabour and pipe) and quim, one of the guys you met last week, was there also.

ok, then that's all! Now you will have a lot of work!

see you soon,

Sunday, October 23, 2005

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