Monday, November 21, 2005

A Music Map

Here's a map that uses to show how closely music/band selections are to one another.

Type in "Grouchy Geezers" and do the band search. Who would have thought we'd end up right next to Madonna?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tres Quarts de Quinze

Every Sunday, in front of Barcelona's main cathedral, giant crowds gather to do the Catalan national dance, the Sardana.

In between Sardanas, performance groups demonstrate the other Catalan pastime: human pyramids.

The pyramids are also done to music. Last Sunday, Jeff and Lyn had a chance to talk to the wonderful pyramid band while they were on break. Here's a picture. Lyn's on the right.

They didn't have a CD or tapes, but Anna Latorre (the smiling pipe-and-tabor player next to Lyn), gave us a card for another band she's in, Tres Quarts de Quinze.

For folks interested in the music, Anna sends us the following info:

ok, some friends of mine had made a web with a lot of music sheet for gralla (the kind of oboe you saw) They have a lote of tradicional music and some music write modernly for those instruments.

Everything is classificate depending of the kind of music, i mean , for parades, for procesion, religios, concert... Everything is in Catalan, but i thing you will find out. here you can foud songs, in midi files.

I atach you some songs we sing during the "caramelles", a eastern celebration and here you can found pictures and videos from the last eastern. I'm there playing the flabiol (tabour and pipe) and quim, one of the guys you met last week, was there also.

ok, then that's all! Now you will have a lot of work!

see you soon,

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Comment Verification

Well, looks like I have to turn on comment verification. Sorry about that.
We're getting blogspammed. Let's see if this fixes it.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Frank Lee and Ryan Spearman

Ryan Spearman and Frank Lee asked Jeff to play a wedding gig with them. Jeff jumped at the chance. You'd love playing with folks this nice, too.


Just got a call from Ryan, announcing that he and Kelly eloped. Our congratulations and best wishes.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Geezers, Live.

Mike Moorman did sound for us at the last Ft. Collins dance. At one point, he waved his digital camera at us, to let us know he was capturing embarrassing moments.

We thought he was just taking stills. Nope. Look at this.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Emily and Luke

Emily is a publicist for Planet Bluegrass, with a secret life as a poet. If you run into her, and ask her about Planet Bluegrass, you're asking her about work. If you ask her about her poetry, you're asking about her passion.

A few months back, Ryan Spearman invited Jeff to play a weekend gig. He said they'd be playing with a bass player named Luke, whom Jeff hadn't met.

The Wednesday before the gig, Jeff had a jam in his house. In the middle of a tune, he turned to the smiling bass player behind him and said, "Wait. Your name is Luke? Are we playing a gig together this weekend?"


Here, Emily and Luke show off for the camera. If you want to hang out with folks like this, show up at a jam.

Alex + Evan & Taryne

Alex walked up to the stage and stared at us. Jeff asked him if he wanted to come up on stage. He nodded, and came around, up the stairs. "Want to hold the mandolin?" Another nod. Here he is. Think he's having a good time?

Of course, once he did it, his little brother, Evan, had to do it too. Evan's younger, so he needed a little support from his aunt, Taryne.

Pat, Wes, and Bob

We got to play for Bob Riggs at the last Westminster Grange dance. Bob is a mainstream square-dance caller who's brave enough to call with live bands from time to time. Mainstream callers used to call to 45RPM records, but record players are few and far between these days. Bob says he now has 400 square-dance tunes on his laptop, which he brings to gigs.

"But when you finish the dance," says Bob, "it's hard to say to the dancers, 'Let's have a big hand for the computer.'"

Pat is a triple threat: She dances with the Hoofin' High Country Cloggers, is teaching calling, on-staff, at the Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, and plays with a variety of local bands. She'll be calling on Saturday night at the upcoming Harvest Moon Festival, and playing and dancing the rest of the time. If you've never been to a Moon Fest, come join her. Tell her you read about her here.

If you have been before, come and tell her anyway.

Pat lives up in Greeley. Her son, Wes, is living down here, now, so she came down and brought him to the dance.

Jeff, Alice, and Tom

On the left you see Jeff Jarvis, nice guy and nice mandolin player. Jeff works down at Harry Tufts' Folklore Center, which is the best place around to browse through old-timey CDs and drool over instruments.

Next to Jeff are Alice Gerrard and Tom Sauber, of Tom, Brad, and Alice.

Brad & Joe

Here's Joe, who comes to Jeff's jams, at a Denver Folklore Center stringband workshop, with Brad Leftwich.

Jeff went to the workshop, too, where Brad and Alice explained to him that he plays all wrong. Oh well. Good workshop, too.

Jeff thinks Brad's fiddle video is the best instructional material for old-time music he's ever run across. And Jeff doesn't play fiddle. (Either. :-)

Sunday Night Club West

Jeff got a chance to call a dance with the Boulder Bogtrotters, for the Sunday Night Club West. The SNCW has asked him three years in a row, proving that you can forget anything in a year. Click on the post title to get to the SNCW's web site.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bill, Patty, and Crystal Cummings

Jeff hosts an old-timey jam that's been going for about 20 years. (Okay, maybe 25.) It happens every week at his house, whether he's there or not. After a couple of decades, people have learned that they can just show up on Wednesdays and there will be people there, playing music.

A few years ago, Bill and Patty Cummings, from Arizona, knocked on the door. "Is there a jam here?" They were on their way to the Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, from Flagstaff, Arizona.

They were a little early, but came up the stairs and sat down in the living room. Bill got out his fiddle, shuffled his feet a little, and asked, "Well, do you play 'Sugar Hill'?"

Jeff allowed as how he did. Without any further ado, Bill ripped off a version that sounded just like Tommy Jarrell.

Then he named another tune, played it, and sounded ... just like Tommy Jarrell. After about three more rounds of this Jeff said, "That sounds really great. Where'd you learn those versions?"

"Tommy Jarrell."

Turns out Bill had gone out to Toast, N.C., to study with Tommy while he was still alive.

Now, one Wednesday night a year, Bill and his big grin come walking up the stairs to sound just like Tommy Jarrell. It's a joy.

Patty is a fine, fine, backup guitar player; her daughter, Crystal, plays bodhran. Friday night, the three played the Denver dance. They even invited Pam Brown and Jeff sit in for a tune or two.

In the top picture, an admiring and photogenic dancer, out visiting from Florida, looks on.